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When I was 16 I started my journey at the time when Eurodance ruled the world, which I initially preferred at my discos. Over time, I started to focus more on electronic music and at the moment I especially prefer Electro Swing, Electro House,House, Future House or EDM

My career also continued in the field of music sales for DJs.

I worked as a representative and exclusive seller of famous music brands such as DMC or Blanco Y Negro where I met many important people working in the music industry in Italy, England or Spain.

I have more than twenty years of experience, thousands of discos, parties and a lot of experience as a DJ in different clubs. I'm open to everything that has a good rhythm and basically I like everything you can dance to.

I am actively working on the music portal Mixcloud. I do mixes, radio podcasts with which I have won awards and victories in the category of trendy news within Electro-swing several times in a row.

When I have time, I also make short video mixes for my Youtube Channel, which are more for my enjoyment of music.

You can see my video mixes on my website

I love music and my place is at the DJ desk and I'm here to bring people joy and especially great music, which I can bring to you in our radio Phatsoundz where together with my colleagues we want to bring you only the best of various musical styles and genres.

Beginnings, my work, awards, victories, achievements & The Best of My Work on Mixcloud